Studio Workshop with David Dunlop - Painting Skies DVD

The Emmy® Award winning team of artist and teacher David Dunlop and producer and director Connie Simmons bring you the first DVD a new series of workshops for landscape painters -Painting Skies. 4 hours FANTASTIC INSTRUCTION for Just $60. MORE AT

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Comment by Boca PETE on June 5, 2012 at 1:45pm

This Painting Skies DVD has 4 programs:

  • Jacob van Ruisdael Cloud Study (56 minute program)
  • J.M.W. Turner Cloud Study (58 minute program)
  • Skies in Motion Program (105 minute program)
  • Luminous Skies with Diffused Light (34 minute program)

Each program will have two sections. David will begin by discussing and diagramming the design and composition of several relevant paintings by a range of different artists, including Claude, van Ruisdael, Turner, Constable, and the Hudson River painters - as well as contemporary painters.
Next, he will demonstrate how van Ruisdael and Turner painted their skies in several of their paintings, discussing every step of his painting process along the way. He will paint an original painting in the Skies in Motion and Luminous Skies programs, showing how you can incorporate these techniques into your own unique style.
David gives several workshops around the countries of different elements of landscape painting and his Skies Workshop is enormously popular. This Painting Skies DVD is intended for landscape painters interested in learning new information and different techniques for painting skies and expanding their painting skills and their background in art history.
Using techniques of the old masters as well as contemporary methods, David Dunlop brings you a wealth of information, demonstrations, encouragement, tips, and insights in this 3.5-hour DVD. Learn new methods to dramatically improve your eye, your composition, painting and you landscapes.

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