I have just returned from an adventure on a little Yamaha Wave Runner . I spent the week camping at Lake Russell in SC--water like glass reflecting lush green trees and red dirt cliffs, egrets and hawks, buttermilk clouds. But the real pay off was the preparation to paint. My husband helped me fashion a little pochade from a wooden box that I packed in a waterproof bag with my other painting paraphernalia. Have floating studio, will paint!
When I photograph more paintings, I'll post more of the week's production, but I just couldn't wait to share the adventure.

It's funny that this week, an artist whose work I really admire, Mike Rooney, posted his floating studio on his blog. (mikerooneystudios.blogspot.com, Aug. 10) He's also added a few tips for packing light. I felt confirmed in this passion to be out painting--plein air painting is rather addicting--plein fun!

I hope to post later and share some tips I learned from this week's adventure, but maybe this will get you hooked.

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