I would like to try some nocturnal scenes, but I'm not sure what kind of lighting I need.  I bought a head lamp, but I'm don't think it is going to be bright enough and I'm not sure what kind of color cast it might have . What I'm thinking is the great outdoors free from any street lights. Any thoughts?

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I use a set of clamp on lamps called "Mighty Brights" that I bought at Barnes and Noble. I attach them to the top of my pochade box and swivel the lamps to shine 1) on the painting and 2) on the palette. They work really well due to their long swivel necks. They do have a cool lamp (LED light) but they're not as blue as a normal led light.

I'm assuming they are battery powered?  Do you also remember how much they were roughly?

Yeah, they're battery powered. The battery life lasts forever on those little things though. I bought mine about 1.5 years ago and haven't had to change batteries yet. I think I paid between $10-15 per lamp.

Thanks for the information Jeremy.

Hi Arlene, check out Marc Hansons blog posts on his nocturnal marathon http://marchanson.blogspot.com/2010/09/september-1-2010.html?m=1 It starts Sept 1st he talks about each nights work then just go to the next post. I have one of the lights Jeremy mentioned but having 2 would be best, mine used aaa batteries.

I use the same lights as Jeremy mentioned and love them.


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