Hi -- I'm new to plein air --- I've already discovered I bought the wrong easel, etc.  Anyway - I work in oils and wanted to see what all of you do to transport your paintings while they are still wet.  Or do you use mediums to speed up the dry time?  Have a painting I did Saturday in the mountains that's still wet this morning.  It's not a problem in the studio but definitely was trying to get it home!  Thanks!

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A clean pizza box works for me. Most of my works are 5x7 or 6x8 canvas panels. Works for 8x10 also. Welcome to plein air, Robin!

Brenda Behr and Bernie Rosage demonstrate the "Pizza Box Method" 

for transporting wet paintings

Thanks!  Great Idea!!

So simple!  I'll be doing this.  Thanks for sharing, Brenda and Bernie.

Used them this weekend at the beach - great idea!!

I use both a Raymar Panel Carrier box (raymarart.com), which will hold various sizes.  My box holds 6x8 or 8x10 panels.  This carrier is particularly nice if I have to hike into where I'm painting.  It has a strap so I can throw it over my shoulder and not worry about a free hand to carry my paintings.

Also - really like my Art Cocoon - see them at myartcocoon.com.  These carry only one at a time, but they are designed so that the panels fit into them and can be covered.  Cocoons can then be stacked on top of each other.  

Hope this helps!  


There are many wet canvas boxes you can buy. I use some from Raymar as well as a great one from Easyl. It will hold several sizes. For instant cheap: pizza boxes


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