My name is Jeff. Have a potential request.  

I have been out to Sedona and it was during their Plein Air festival.  I was able to attend the reception and picked up a piece of our own to take home. 

Our family has a house in Allegany county and it is owned by my wifes parents.  It is near Camp Cheerio which has a majestic view of the Blue Ridge.  Is there a network I could tap into to see if there is someone willing to go out and do a painting of the range?  I guess I could find a photo to recreate.  But, I am trying to get creative and have some fun with it for them.  
I just wouldn't know how to find someone. Rates, etc.  
Thank you in advance. Feel free to call if better. 

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Hi Jeff, I'm always open for spec paintings.  No charge to see what I might come up with.   I have time during October.


You can find my ph# at my website above.  

Scott Boyle 

Scott, thank you! 

When you say a "spec painting' what does that entail?


As a builder builds a spec house.  He hopes it will sell but is not guaranteed a sale.  


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