I'm relatively new to North Carolina, and I'm very excited about all of the beautiful opportunities for painting outdoors here. But I'm also a little overwhelmed :)

I wondered if anyone had suggestions for places to paint in the mountains. I have a personal goal to schedule a "plein air retreat" for myself where I spend a few days focused only on painting outdoors. I'd like to practice painting scenes with atmospheric perspective and relatively large simple shapes (as opposed to intimate forest scenes that are more about the details and have less atmospheric depth). 

My gear is portable, but I prefer short walks to my location so I'm not too far from civilization (being by myself) and so I'm not worn out from hiking a long distance. 1/4-1/2 mile feels about right for me. 

If anyone has suggestions for locations in or around the Blue Ridge mountains that you've liked painting and are safe/friendly, I'd appreciate the direction!

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lol, it hadn't occurred to me that the exhibit housed gear you actively use. That was generous of you to loan it to the museum, and I'll bet it got many visitors curious about paintings outdoors.

Looking forward to getting this on my calendar! Good idea to share how it goes here on the site :)


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