How to Approach Potential Galleries for Representation

I've been a "professional" artist (I use that term loosely) for about 14 years now but have no gallery representation. I had a few, years ago, that dealt mainly in reproductions, but they have since gone out of business. So, I'm fairly new and inexperienced to this area of marketing. My question is: what advice would you give to artists or would-be artists to find galleries to sell their work? What kind of galleries do you look for? How do you approach them? How many works do you need? etc...


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Many galleries prefer to see your portfolio work photos on CD & require an appointment for further interview or critique. I am still new to this subject also & would like more group input as well. 

Thanks for the input Cinthia.

You're welcome Jeremy ! One more thing I might add:

I was accepted by a local gallery last year. As suggested by a fellow artist, I set an appointment with the gallery owner & took in a body of work ( 8 pieces, all still life/florals ) because galleries want to see a consistency in your skill level. I have yet to approach other galleries until I have graduated to larger scale paintings.

The paperback book "How to Get Hung -A practical Guide for Emerging Artists" by Molly Barnes provides in detail the answers you seek. It's available at for a reasonable price.

Best wishes, P
Thanks Boca Pete and Cinthia...I'll check that out.


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