Henry Hensche was a student of Charles Hawthorne and taught for many years at the Cape Cod School of Art. I first became aware of Hensche when I viewed paintings by Camille Przewodek who was a student of Hensche. Camille's use of color is impressive! I took a Przewodek Workshop and had my first exposure to the Hensche School of thought.....enough to make me want to learn more. Very interested, and puzzled, I purchased a book "Hensche on Painting" and began to absorb a little more. I recently attended a short Workshop with John Ebersberger who was also a student of Hensche. Ohhh...again....those COLORS!!!

I have been fully aware that right here in Salisbury we have a resident artist who was a student of Hensche! ....RobertToth !! Nearly every time we talk, I am quixxing him about the Henschew experience. Because I yearn to learn more and want to understood the concept, I am now taking newly offered classes that Robert Toth is teaching at the Rufty Holmes Center here in Salisbury on Mondays and Fridays on the Hensche philosophy of color. The cost: $10.00 per 2 hour session. We have had some great dialogs and I have found the sessions extremely helpful.

Sights to see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Toth http://web.mac.com/purplesunflower/iWeb/Przewodek/Home.html



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Susan Sarback also studied under Henry Hensche for 8 years. She's a great teacher. This link to Susan Sarback's School of Light and Color might interest you.


I attended her wonderful 5-day workshop in Cary, NC last month. She has upcoming workshops scheduled in Charleston, SC and Mackinack Island that might interest you.


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