what type of glue is best to adhere canvas to the gator boards?

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Acid free YES PASTE by Gane Bros & Lane, Inc.  Cut canvas about 1/2 inch larger in both direction than the gator board (ie: 12.5X9.5 for a 12X9 board).  Spread a thin layer of YES PASTE to the back of the canvas with a putty knife, position the gator board onto the paste, flip the canvas/board over and using a roller (like a wallpaper seam roller) adhere the canvas to the board by rolling from the center to the edges (this removes any bubbles).  Make several boards of the same size at the same time.  Stack the completed boards on top of each other and weigh them down to dry (heavy art books work great for this).  24 hours later flip each board over and cut the excess canvas off with a sharp knife (single edge razor blade, exacto knife.....).   Really quite easy to do.

Another option I like is beva 371 film adhesive. This is on iron on adhesive, a bit more expensive but easier to use as long as your not working large, 16x20 or smaller. Here's a link http://apps.webcreate.com/ecom/catalog/product_specific.cfm?ClientI...
I use this exclusively for making ultra light panels, linen glued to museum board. I have built a 8x10 box that holds 8 of these panels all 8 in wide 6x8 8x8 9x8 8x10



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