Hi Painters,     Sep 14, 2020

Over the last year or two I have been wondering about the usefulness of (ncpap.org) Plein Air Network. Our website renewal of $600 is coming up Oct 2020, so I wanted to get some feedback from our users. From what I can see, it seems that visible activity on our site has dwindled down significantly over the last few years.  e.g. views of paintings posted and visible interaction and Forum discussions among artists.  Also it seems that several of the groups on our Groups page are inactive.  

I would like to get your feedback and open some discussions.

Please take a minute to answer these questions.

1. What elements on (ncpap.org) are you using?

2. What do you not like about (ncpap.org)?

3. What changes would you see with (ncpap.org)?

4. What do you think if all of our activities were moved to a Facebook Group Page and (ncpap.org) network was closed down?

You can answer these Questions on this  Discussion Board below. Please label your answers 1,2,3,4.  

Your feedback is important to help me access our viability or to make changes that would improve our network's usability.

I believe there are many informal plein air groups that are active around the state that fly under the radar or e.g. not visible to our network.  Is that accurate?  Please share with me about your group, how you operate and if you are connecting with others thru our (ncpap.org) Network. Please send this information to my personal email at scottboyleart@gmail.com I will not share any info about your group, but I want to verify the accuracy of my assumption.  


Scott Boyle - admin

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Hi Scott,  

First of all THANK YOU for doing this is in the first place!

1 - I really only use it to post events and I've really really liked it when you've sent those listing emails because they remind me to look at the website.

2 - Nothing about it I don't like, but I am not adept at uploading images for some reason

3-Nothing really to change about it, but I agree with you - it doesn't appear to get the traffic it used to get and I'm sure there are many and varied reasons for that.  I can't see the stats but I have noticed.  I know of one group that hasn't posted in a long while but they continue to meet regularly.

4-  It was a wonderful service but if it were me running this show, I'd definitely consider that maybe it's time to move on to Facebook. 

Thank You Christian!!   Scott


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