Hi Painters,     Sep 14, 2020

Over the last year or two I have been wondering about the usefulness of (ncpap.org) Plein Air Network. Our website renewal of $600 is coming up Oct 2020, so I wanted to get some feedback from our users. From what I can see, it seems that visible activity on our site has dwindled down significantly over the last few years.  e.g. views of paintings posted and visible interaction and Forum discussions among artists.  Also it seems that several of the groups on our Groups page are inactive.  

I would like to get your feedback and open some discussions.

Please take a minute to answer these questions.

1. What elements on (ncpap.org) are you using?

2. What do you not like about (ncpap.org)?

3. What changes would you see with (ncpap.org)?

4. What do you think if all of our activities were moved to a Facebook Group Page and (ncpap.org) network was closed down?

You can answer these Questions on this  Discussion Board below. Please label your answers 1,2,3,4.  

Your feedback is important to help me access our viability or to make changes that would improve our network's usability.

I believe there are many informal plein air groups that are active around the state that fly under the radar or e.g. not visible to our network.  Is that accurate?  Please share with me about your group, how you operate and if you are connecting with others thru our (ncpap.org) Network. Please send this information to my personal email at scottboyleart@gmail.com I will not share any info about your group, but I want to verify the accuracy of my assumption.  


Scott Boyle - admin

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Why not switch to a WordPress site? WordPress is cutting edge, easy to use and very inexpensive. There are some wonderful templates out there for chat groups, portfolios, etc. In my opinion, Facebook is very boring. (As per my previous comments, I can look at Facebook sites, I just cannot interact with them.) I can help you get set up on a WordPress site for a fraction of what you've been paying Ning in yearly fees. The Internet is constantly changing. But because WordPress, its templates and plugins are always being updated, you'll stay up-to-date with the most current web technology. I don't usually sound this much like a commercial. :) I guess I'm pretty passionate about WordPress. Waits

Interesting, I will have to research more.  

Thanks Waitsel!

Thank you ascot for starting and maintaining this site. I have met some great painters including yourself because of it. It has a tremendous trickle down affect which I am so grateful for. 
1. I use the site for finding meet ups and workshops in my area,

I also use the photo feature to post and share my art and progression.

2. There’s little I don’t like about the site. Navigation could be better.

3. I’d love to see more events posted.

4 I vote for keeping it open or running I suggest an art sale to which 50% would go to the cover yearly costs for keeping this site active. I know folks in South Carolina that are looking for groups in their state that paint but have trouble finding folks. That’s why I’m thankful for what we have here. I also like suggestions from Waitsel for an alternative site than Facebook.

Thanks Ray, it has been a blessing to connect with you!!

You have been one of our most active users this summer, I appreciate your input.


1. I check the upcoming events schedule and occasionally scroll the membership to try and find plein air artists in my area. I enjoy checking the posted paintings out, but usually forget to post my own, oops. 

2. Nada

3. Changes? More member interaction, self included.

4. FB Group page: Might work. With some other groups there I sometimes do a lot of scrolling to find the info I'm looking for. Doesn't help that they change their parameters often. 

SCOTT, big thanks for your work setting up/maintaining this site. It's a great go-to for plein air information, and I will happily follow whichever forum is decided upon. 

Thank you Rose, your input is very helpful!!


1. I like the notifications when someone joins. I look to see where they live. And if near by, try to contact. As Mary pointed out sometimes that doesn’t work sometimes it does.

I’m new to Brevard, since March, and am having a hard time meeting people, so this feature helps me find artists who share painting interests.



4. My concern about Moving to Facebook Only would be too many posts to wade thru. I follow a couple of groups that post way too much daily. On a webpage one chooses to go look at things on that page, but when I get on Facebook, I’m expecting to see posts from MY friends.... I wonder if it might get to be too much wade thru on a daily basis.

Thanks Pat!! No changes will be made quickly, I will spend months thinking about possible options. 


Thanks for hosting this, Scott!

1.  Occasionally I look to see what events/workshops are coming up.

2. Seems like a busy menu to navigate - 

3. A simpler layout.

4. FB group would be fine.

Thanks Susan, that' helpful!  Scott

1.  I use ncpap to post invitations for Art in The Garden in Charlotte

2.  I just forget to post plein air photos.


4.  I would like to see a ncpap group Facebook page.  I know that I would use it more.

Carol Pighin

Thank Carol:)


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