The North Carolina Plein Air Painters organization serves the outdoor artists of our state.   We are not technically a non-profit organization.  However we do have annual website fee of $588

As of Aug 30, 2017 we are all paid up until Oct 2018!  Thank you for your generosity and support!!  I still need to update the list of contributors.  Scott Boyle

There is no need to donate until Aug 2018


Donating members for 2017

Rob Freet

Bryan Kootz

Roger Deem

Beth Cieri

Jackie Newell

Cheryl Powell

Andrea Morrison

Kat Turczyn

Eleanor McArves

Shirley Harris

Mary Stemkowski

Jane Best

Pat Kblinger
Clarence Odom
Josia Lamberto-Egan
Suzanne Wilson
Martha Faires
Nina Everson
Debi Hinshaw Art
Gary Cooley
Barbara Keefauver
Bob Nulf
Bernie Rosage Jr.
Diane English
Kathy Brown
Fen Rascoe
Teresa G Bastian
Barbara Jamison
Sudy Dressler
Robin Wellner Artist
Sandra Robinson
Kaaren McNulty
Art Revealed Studio
Duncan Moore
Rose Kennedy
Birds of a Feather Publishing, Inc.
Cathryn Akerman
Art by Elizabeth Taft
Carol Strickland
Philip DeSano
Thomas Waldron
Jeremy Sams
Deborah Covington
Ari Ferro

Thank You!!!


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