The North Carolina Plein Air Painters organization serves the outdoor artists of our state. We are not technically a non-profit organization.  However we do have annual website fee of $600.

Our annual website bill is due Oct 2017

Thanks to the generous members who have

contributed thus far!

If you enjoy the information we provide, please help us with the annual website expenses by clicking on the PayPal link below to give.   Suggested donation is $10

Or make a check payable to Scott Boyle

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Scott Boyle

136 Davis Plantation Rd

Bessemer City, NC 28016


Donating members for 2017

Pat Kiblinger

Jackie Newell

Bob Nulf

Donating members for 2016

Brenda Behr

Carolyn Zbavitel

Sybil Mitchell

Barbara Keefauver

Donating members for 2015

Brenda Behr

Eleanor McArver

Mary Erickson

Carol Pighin

Jean Cauthen

James Lee

Phyllis Steimel


Jim McIntosh

Jeremy Sams

Scott Boyle

Linda Walraed

Martha Faires

Alene Daniel

Rose Kennedy

Nancy Marshburn

Dottie Leatherwood

Richard Holbein

Jacki Newell

Laurel Lovrek

Pet Whimsy Portraits

Linda Apriletti

Bob Nulf

Richard Shapero

Cheryl Powell

Kevin Beck

Carole Bryant

Victoria Turner

Thank You!!!


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