Have you ever just completed a painting that you absolutely love...all the right values...brilliant color...eye catching compositions? Then, you rush to the digital camera to capture your masterpiece for everyone else to enjoy...only to be be devastated by the results on your computer screen.


This happens all too often for me as my photography skills are lacking, if not missing completely. The values are too dark or too light...the colors are way off...no more brilliant hues, just muddy colors, etc...this seems to be the standard for me when trying to capture a correct representation of my work. Sometimes, I think I spend more time trying to "fix" a digital image than I did to actually paint it.


So, what kind of tips do you fellow artists have for photographing your artwork in order to upload it to a website, etc...?

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Thanks Theresa!

A workshop where we all had our cameras and our computers and our software would be really helpful, especially for us visual learner s!
Many artists have have this knowledge and experience. You just have to find one and have them show you how they do it. It is not hard or complicated but having a friend show you how can get you started.


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